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SPARK Accel is proud to work with the following established leaders who share a passion to inspire, educate, and accelerate Taiwanese American entrepreneurs.

Eddy Chan.webp

Eddy Chan

Co-founder, Intudo Ventures

Andrew Chen.jpeg

Andrew Chen

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Iris Healthcare

Jessica Chen.jpeg

Jessica Chen

Founder & CEO, Soulcast Media

Jonathan Chen.jpg

Jonathan Chen

Co-founder, FiscalNote

Founder & CTO, Pathover

Rex Chen.jpeg

Rex Chen

Director of Business Development, Litepoint

Siqi Chen.JPG

Siqi Chen

Co-founder, Sandbox VR

Timothy Chen.jpg

Timothy Chen

General Partner, Essence VC

Victoria Chen.jfif

Victoria Chen

Co-founder, BridgeYear

Anya Cheng (1).jpg

Anya Cheng

Founder & CEO, Taelor

Ex Product Lead, Facebook

Kenneth Fan.jpeg

Kenneth Fan

Co-founder, Addgene

Sharon Fan.jpg

Sharon Fan

Managing Director, Zenyum

Maggie Hsu.jpg

Maggie Hsu

Co-founder, Mochi Magazine

Co-founder, Gold House


Charles Huang

Co-founder, Indigo 7

Co-creator, Guitar Hero

Byron Hsu.jpg

Byron Hsu

Co-founder & CTO, Paragon One

Chieh Huang.jpeg

Chieh Huang

Co-founder & CEO, Boxed


Wes Kao

Co-founder, Maven

Co-founder, altMBA

Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 6.31.05 PM.png

Patrick Lee

Co-founder, Rotten Tomatoes

Christopher Lee.jpeg

Christopher Lee

Engineering Group Lead, Hubspot

Kelly Lei.jpg

Kelly Lei

Founding General Partner, Finclusive Ventures

Jaja Liao.jpeg

Jaja Liao

Investor, Headline

Andy Lin.jpeg

Andy Lin

Founder & CEO, Yo-Kai Express

Eric Lin.jpg

Eric Lin

Principal Product Designer, CNN


Kevin Lin

Co-founder, Twitch

Wayne Lin.jpeg

Wayne Lin

Co-founder, Kinetic Brands

Co-founder, Gold House

Holly Liu.jpg

Holly Liu

Co-founder, Kabam

James Lu Morrissey.jpeg

James Lu Morrissey

Co-founder & President, Mentor Collective

Kevin Tsai.jpeg

Kevin Tsai

Counsel, Crowdstrike

Kevin Wong.jpeg

Kevin Wong

Co-founder, Lunar

Will Peng.jpeg

Will Peng

Co-founder, Northstar

General Partner, Red Swan Ventures

Michael Wu.jpeg

Michael Wu

Software Engineer, Stripe

Investor, Lorimer Ventures


We are still looking for mentors to kick-SPARK our 2021 program and network! If you are interested, please fill out the survey below and a member of our team will get back to you.


Mentors can participate in some or all of the below depending on capacity:​

  • Speak in a fireside chat or panel about your expertise and everything in between

  • Host office hours for finalists and answer as many questions as you can

  • Judge the pitch competition


SPARK Accel is an initiative under the Taiwanese American Citizens League (TACL). TACL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of Taiwanese Americans. Its nationwide network of professionals, Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP), is the largest network of young Taiwanese Americans in the country. Find out more at

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